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Attention !!!

We do not sell kittens without a pedigree!

Purebred cat = a cat with an original international pedigree,

issued by an organization associated with the World Cat Congress (WCC)!!

Important information and conditions for booking kittens:

  • Kittens from our cattery can leave our home no earlier than after they are 14 weeks old. However, most often it is after the age of 15-16 weeks. We reserve the right to release the kitten at a later date.

  • All kittens leaving our cattery will be dewormed three times and vaccinated twice

  • They will be chipped and registered in the international Safe-Animal and CBDZOE databases

  • Knee kittens (PET) will be castrated

  • We sign a kitten purchase contract with each buyer.

  • The kitten's reservation is confirmed by an advance payment

  • If the purchase is canceled due to the buyer's fault, the entire advance payment is forfeited.

  • In the event of termination of the sales contract on our part, the advance payment will be fully refunded to the buyer.

  • We also reserve the right to choose a suitable home for our kittens. We want our kittens to go to loving homes where they will be happy.

  • We also suggest performing allergy tests to exclude possible allergies to cats.

  • Each kitten leaving the cattery will receive a rich layette, which will include, among others, a blanket with its mother's scent, favorite toys, food for the first few days in a new home, ... and more...

  • We will be happy to maintain constant contact with everyone who buys a kitten from us :)

  • We will provide advice and assistance in raising kittens. We would also like to receive photos and messages from you from time to time about how our "cat children" are growing :)

Kittens classification:

PET - lap kitten, neutered, without exhibition qualifications

SHOW - the kitten is neutered, but can be successfully shown

SHOW/BREEDER - a kitten with breeding rights, with good exhibition promise

(we reserve the right to sell the kitten only to registered breeders whose cats live with people, not in cages or boxes)

Kitten status:

Available - reservations can be made

Preliminary reservation - someone is interested, but has not paid the deposit yet

Reservation - the kitten has already been reserved, advance payment has been made

Stays in the cattery - the kitten stays with us

Observation - we observe how our baby develops in terms of breeding

In a new home - a kitten in a new home

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